Thursday, 7 July 2011

New Zoo Reviews

I'm a little behind on sharing the latest reviews of Winterborne so here's a few to keep you busy --  

The Caffeinated Diva has blessed me with 5 mugs of coffee.  Thanks, Kim!  Another fab review recently posted on It's All About Me with a shout out to Buffy fans which I love.  From my side of the pond, The Cait Files has weighed in with a great 4-star review.  Please check out their blogs for all your YA book needs.  

I am busy here trying to write and also win Euromillions so that I can afford to keep writing.  If I win the gazillion pound jackpot, I will only be like the 500th richest person in England.  What I want to know is -- who are the 499 people ahead of me?? 

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