Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Routine

Happy New Year to all!  Right off the bat, I'd like to thank Nicole over at Book Nook Club for a great review of Ravenstoke.  Please spare a few minutes to check out her blog.  A welcome way to kickstart the new year. 

Now that I am officially back into the routine (not to be confused with 'the routine' performed by Ross and Monica on Friends, although that would be awesome), I aim to be a better, more consistent blogger.  This is not a resolution, merely an aim.  I refuse to resolve to do anything, other than ensure that my children are bathed and fed on a semi-regular basis. 

We had a busy Christmas at home with my in-laws to start, and then my parents flew in from the US for a week.  Swapping from one set of parents to the next is always difficult because it means at least one of us (me or my husband) is perpetually, albeit mildly, annoyed for the duration.  There is a lot of jostling for the remote control and begrudgingly watching episodes of shows you didn't even know existed.  There is apparently a woman on TV who is like Supernanny for dogs.  Aside from the absence of the ubiquitous naughty step, the shows are identical in format.  Interestingly, the woman on the dog show kicked off the episode by declaring that dogs should not be treated like people, then proceeded to 'train' the dogs in a style similar to the way that Supernanny 'trains' children.  They really should get their stories straight before shadowing each other on international television.  She also rocks the British accent, a prerequisite for any show that modifies human or animal behavior (or should that be 'behaviour'?).  We then watched an endless loop of Escape to the Country where English home buyers seem to have limitless bank accounts and lots of free time for clarinet playing, painting, and dog walking.  The show basically serves as an ad for the lottery because I immediately bought several tickets for the enormous Euromillions pot so that I, too, may grab my slice of idyllic English life (insert here - the old coach house, the fisherman's cottage, the converted barn with a high spec interior, the country estate, etc.).  I also indulged in a little house porn, flipping through page after page of luxury homes with Farrow & Ball-painted bathtubs and large country kitchens complete with colorful Agas.    

Today, however, the kids are back in school, meals are expected in a timely fashion, and the kitchen ceiling requires painting after my husband struggled with a cork in a bottle of red wine.  (Newsflash - he lost.)  Back to the routine, indeed.                                   

Quote of My Week: "Hey, Jane Austen has a new book out!" - Anonymous (I refuse to divulge the name of this misinformed person, but I can safely reveal that it was not one of my children.)     

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