Thursday, 8 March 2012

This Blog, It Is A-Changin'

To coincide with the launch of my latest book this week, I'm a doing a bit of housekeeping that includes this blog.  You see, my new book is a middle grade fantasy adventure entitled In the Land of the Sapphire Sea.  (I've added the cover and links in the sidebar.)  This book is aimed at 9-12 year olds and is available in print and ebook format.  I don't know how many 9-12 year olds are reading ebooks yet, research suggests not very many.  Despite this, I've decided to separate my 'brands' and move my more adult content to another blog under the Keeley Bates pen name.   As a result, I've moved some old content from this blog and will be posting it on the other blog.  

Rest assured, this blog will continue to cater to the YA/MG crowd while Keeley Bates will be for the 'dults.  In the event that internet savvy 12 year olds start clicking onto my blog, I wanted to remove some potentially offensive content.  

And now here's the blurb for my latest offering --

Twelve-year-old Emily Timmons is tired of being upstaged by her confident and capable younger sister. Charlotte Amelia, on the other hand, idolizes her big sister and follows her everywhere, including to Emily’s special treehouse. When a freak earthquake transports the girls from the treehouse to a magical land, Charlotte Amelia is captured by an evil Imp queen. To save her sister from the queen’s cruel clutches, Emily must swallow her fear and perform nine treacherous tasks, one task for each year of her sister’s life. As Emily’s quest progresses, however, she and her new friends begin to suspect that the Imp queen may only be using the girls as part of a larger, wicked plan. Emily must find courage within as she braves sea serpents, dragons, giants, and other creatures in exchange for her sister’s freedom.   

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