Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Little Love for VD (that would be Vampire Diaries)

I love TV.  I do; I freely admit it.  As my time is limited, though, I try to restrict my viewing pleasure to shows I really enjoy.  (The same can't be said for my father who will sit through every cop show, even the ones made in Canada, every season of Survivor, and the various shows now featuring junk collectors.)  I recently tried Suits and Grimm but gave up after two and three episodes, respectively.  Suits was ludicrous and the two leads interchangeable.  Grimm's lead was too bland and the oddball wolf frenemy needed waaay more screen time than he got.  That guy made the show.  I still like True Blood, Glee, Modern Family, am loving Game of Thrones, but the one show that really brings home the bacon week after week has to be The Vampire Diaries.

I haven't read the books so I'm not sure how faithful the show is, but I am surprised and delighted by each episode.  I eat up Damon's constantly wiggly eyebrows, the never-ending uncertainty involving uber-compassionate Elena and the Salvatore bros doesn't get stale, and the budding relationship between sassy Caroline and evil Klaus.  Even the exceedingly long cast of characters fails to annoy me.  I keep 'em all straight.  Not too difficult when they all are so easy on the eyes.  Only rarely do I pause to wonder whether Alaric pays the mortgage on Elena's house and in which season Mrs. Lockwood will finally become interesting.  So thank you, VD, for bringing it every episode for the past three seasons.  Keep those dreamboats, er, I mean awesome storylines, coming!

Quote of My Week: "Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie, will haunt me, forever."  - Damon, mocking Stefan's penchant for broody journaling 

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