Sunday, 8 May 2011


I know those of us across the pond are a few episodes behind when it comes to Glee (and entire seasons behind for certain other shows, sadly).  I must admit that I'm a little wary about the whole venturing into original songs territory.  I was bothered enough by the idea of Mr. Shue's solo career outside of the show (Matthew Morrison is awesome, but he's definitely of the ensemble or duet variety).  Now I have to be subjected to songs I can't sing along to during the show.  My husband may find this turn of events a great relief, but I would rather endure another Journey song than listen to a song about slushies.  Unless by some stroke of luck Joss Whedon is writing these songs, then let the original songwriting commence and all rejoice!  

I hope that these originals (not to be confused with Vampire Diaries 'Originals,' a topic for another day) continue to get mixed in with songs I know.  While I'm on the subject, here is my list for Ryan Murphy (should he ever decide to visit me here) of songs I'd like to see covered by the Gleesters, including but not limited to --

Lost in Love by Air Supply (that's right, folks.  I said it and I won't unsay it.)
any Beastie Boys but I'm partial to Brass Monkey
Love Shack by the B-52s
Just Like Heaven by The Cure
The Gambler by Kenny Rogers 
more Neil Diamond, please.  
Closer to Fine by the Indigo Girls
Vacation by the Go-Gos
and Rachel needs to bust out the Pat Benatar

I'd also like to give a big high-five to Kristin Chenowith, John Stamos and Gwyneth (no Paltrow necessary).  They are welcome on that show any time; they're amazeballs.

I understand that I am stuck in an 80's/early 90's time warp when it comes to music I'd like featured on Glee.  That's because they already do a great job of current hits, so I'm simply stepping up for the oldies who like to get their Glee on.  Peace out.    

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